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Amaris Kristina Photography

About Me

I am a mother of one amazing little girl who lights up my world, and makes me want to get my camera out ALL THE TIME to capture her bright smile, and ever evolving personality! I am a Washington Native, lover of cookies and milk, RomComs, enjoying the great outdoors, kitchen dance parties, and singing in the car. I believe that life is beautiful -- ALL of it. The times you want to cry, the times you can't stop laughing, falling in love, the moments you feel vulnerable, and even the moments of loss and letting go. I have always been captivated by the magic of capturing a moment and to freezing time for just a second. The keepsake you get from a photograph allows you to re-experience that memory - what you were feeling, where you were, who you were then, and perhaps who you experienced it with. 

In 2013, my home that I had been so proud to buy just one year prior, was burned to the ground through a sad turn of events while I was away traveling for work. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it was a total loss meaning that virtually everything I had in the house was destroyed, including my photo albums and computer. While I was able to salvage some of the digital images from one of my hard drives, the albums and lost photos have been some of the most valuable things I have lost in this lifetime. Unlike money, furniture, clothes or toys, a photo holds a very unique and special value, and cannot simply be replaced like most other things we have. Going through that whole experience only furthered my calling in wanting to help families, couples and individuals capture their special moments in beautiful in images that would live on through time (but as a side note- PLEASE always remember to BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS :) )

I feel so grateful to do what I love for work. The photos I take reflect what I believe to be the most important thing in life-- the relationships you have with the people you love. My goal is to take photos that are whimsical and intimate- filled with light, emotion, and connection. I offer gentle posing direction as well as encourage you or your kids when needed through games and prompts to engage with each other in ways that bring out your authentic connection. I strongly encourage you in the moment to be silly, be in love, be you, and to let me share in that with you.

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