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Maternity Photography Services

Maternity Photoshoot by Amaris Kristina, I Do It with Love & Care!


From the first to the third trimester, pregnancy is indeed a roller-coasting journey for every mother. Every precious moment deserves to be cherished and captured, allowing you to reminisce for a lifetime. 


Welcome to Amaris Kristina Photography, where I specialize in commemorating this remarkable 9-month journey alongside you by capturing the beauty of your growing baby bump before it blossoms into new life. I am a passionate maternity photographer in Seattle, a doting mother of two, and a friendly person; rest assured, here with me your maternity will be celebrated with joy and captured with artistry.


Being one of the recognized maternity photographers in Seattle, WA, I believe that moments like feeling those little kicks inside, seeing your baby bump grow, and the most awaited moment of holding your baby in your arm are worth capturing. These photos allow you to time travel in the past and cherish the moments with a big smile on your face. I can see twinkles in your eyes!

So, are you looking for a seasoned maternity shoot photographer? It is never too early to book me for maternity shoots and newborn photos! From your pregnancy to real photos of birth to the more refined and artistic setups for newborns and family portraits, we capture it all. Let's create stunning images that celebrate this special journey of motherhood together. In my photos, I promise you will emit radiance, pose with confidence, and look deliriously happy and divine! 

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