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Fine Art School Photography Seattle 

My Goal is to provide schools and families a boutique and custom experience in working with Amaris Kristina Photography. 

I do my best with the time that I have with each student to capture their essence and some of their personality. I never force a smile, or ask them to pose, but rather I engage with them, talk with them and just capture them as who they are, and how they have shown up that day. I feel the results are genuine and timeless photos that are far from the traditional cheesy smile school portraits, with a bright flash and busy backgrounds we have become accustomed to. 

I take pride in providing a light and fun environment where kids can relax and be themselves!

If you like your students photos, feel free to recommend me to siblings preschools and other classes :)

FAQ for viewing and buying my students' fine art portraits

1. Click the button below to find the gallery for your students' class

2. At the top of the gallery you will see the folders with each students name, there is a drop down because they won't all fit across the top in the tabs. Find your students name

3. You will see a blend of black and white images and color images or your student. They will be watermarked, but once you order prints or digital downloads the watermarks will be removed. 

4. You can order print packages, and or the full gallery of high resolution digital files of your student which is usually between 20-40 images for $65, or you can get digital files A la Carte, although the package is the same price as 3 images, so its more cost effective to get the whole set. If you order the print packages which include things like wallets, 5x7s or 8x10s, you can actually choose to fill the package with several different images from the gallery. They don't all have to be the same. 


5.  There are also other things like ornaments, canvases, metal prints etc. if that is of interest. 

6. ENJOY! Your kids are all so beautiful and I loved having the opportunity to photograph them. 

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