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5 Ways to Take Wedding Photography from Fair to Fantastic!

As a wedding photographer, capturing the magic on a couple's special day is a privilege. With so many beautiful moments in store, it's easy to get caught up and overlook the little details that sometimes really matter. This is where a professional wedding photographer’s eye for attention to detail really comes to the fore. 

As a wedding photographer, here are five ways to turn your wedding photography from fine to fantastic.  

  1. Care for the couple

Caring about your couple is not just about being a good person, it’s about being a better photographer. It’s not necessarily about caring more (although, that would be nice too!), but to know that it is the thought that counts. When you care about your couple, you’re going to do your best to make each moment count. You’re going to be extremely focused and present. The care and deliberation will shed a lot of the stress of the big day, which is a huge plus for day like this. 

2. Composition is key

Any outstanding photograph is built on a solid composition. It is what distinguishes a strong shot from a poor one. If you want to improve wedding photos, pay attention to leading lines, framing, and the rule of thirds. These approaches will produce visually appealing images that highlight the subject for the viewer. To put these ideas into practice, experiment with various viewpoints, angles, and frame components to give your photos more depth and appeal.

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate

One of the challenges that photographers have to contend with is the large number of people or groups of people that will be present at the wedding. Knows everyone’s names and connections will be an uphill task. Additionally, knowing individuals’ preferences on how they wish to be presented will not be easy. The lion's share of success in family portraits rests on advance communication with the people involved (family, friends and close relatives). That’s why it integral to communicate the "when and where" of family photos to everyone involved well in advance. AND try your best to remember names and connections as far as possible. Use name tags if you have to.   

4. Capture the story

Wedding photography is more than just capturing lovely moments; it is also about telling stories. Make sure to record the feelings, conversations, and particulars that contribute to the day's uniqueness. Capture natural reactions from the pair, including smiles and laughter, in addition to staged pictures that highlight their individuality. Remember to take pictures of the little details that give your photos more depth and meaning, such as the bride's attire, the groom's cufflinks, or the flowers.

5. Be over-prepared

Weddings are a human event, and as the saying goes, “to err is human”. The high stakes emotional side of weddings can be the best part about the event; however, the moving parts can be potentially problematic if you aren’t prepared. Always be ready to pivot if things don’t go according to plan. Do a weather check the day before, to be sure you won’t be needing additional equipment. Carry extra batteries and even possibly a camera in preparation of the worst-case scenario.  


In addition to being prepared, wedding photography in Fremont requires a keen sense of creativity and the ability to capture real emotions and moments that last a lifetime. Remembering that no two weddings are the same, and more importantly, these events are emotional and sentimental moments shared between the couple and the families in question. 

If you enjoyed reading this blog, stay tuned for more recommendations on wedding photography in our upcoming blogs. You can also view our collection of wedding photographs in a vivid array of styles and compositions, feel free to visit our wedding photography services page.    


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